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December 01, 2014
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Anyone suffering with tooth loss can regain a healthier smile with oral surgery in Pasadena.

While it’s hard to say goodbye to summer we do get to welcome the start of the ice hockey season, which can be music to most people’s ears. Ice hockey is an exhilarating game, and more often that not, you may even see a fight or two. However, while ice hockey is often fun and games, there are moments in which some players get hurt. Unfortunately, the most common injuries tend to be dental-related, much to the disdain of the National Hockey League. While it might seem stereotypical, jokes and comics often still throw about the imagery of ice hockey players’ gaping smiles. However, these jokes have a grain of truth to them.

The dentist for the San Jose Sharks, Dr. Dan Goudy, states that about 75 percent of the Sharks’ players either have a dental crown or replacement tooth in their mouths. Everything from sticks to pucks to even elbows can cause players to lose their teeth. You may even remember former Devils player, Ken Daneyko, who actually holds the record for the most teeth lost while in the NHL (he lost twelve teeth throughout his career). However, Daneyko told the New York Times several years ago that he planned to get oral surgery to replace his missing teeth with implants. Hopefully now Daneyko can be the poster child for how amazing cosmetic dentistry can be for your smile.

So…how do dentists replace missing teeth?

There are several ways to replace a missing tooth, and a lot depends on your health and your dental budget. While some patients opt for dentures or dental bridges to replace their teeth (mostly because the treatments are a bit more affordable), there are still thousands of people who choose to get dental implants in Pasadena.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded into the jawbone where, over the course of a few weeks, the surrounding tissues and bone begin to heal and grow around the implant. This process ultimately makes the implant a permanent and formidable structure in the mouth.

Once the healing process is complete, we will place a connector piece over the implant (better known as an abutment) and then attach the dental crown to the abutment. Now you will have a replacement tooth that looks just like a natural tooth and is almost equally as strong. Plus, dental implants can’t get cavities!

Are you interested in dental implants?

To find out if dental implants are right for you, you will need to come in for a thorough exam and consultation. After all, we want you to have all the facts before you opt for this tooth replacement treatment.

Don’t let tooth loss get you down. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite ice hockey players and opt for oral surgery in Pasadena to replace your missing teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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