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By Pasadena Dental Implants Peter G. Cooper, DDS
December 31, 2020
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Are you ready to fill the gaps in your smile with dental implants offered by your Pasadena, CA, periodontist, Dr. Peter Cooper? Here's what you can expect if you opt for dental implant surgery.

A pre-surgery examination

Your periodontist will perform an examination to ensure that you're a good candidate for dental implants. Fortunately, implants are an excellent choice for many people. Dental implants may be recommended if:

  • You're in good health. (Implant surgery won't be a good idea if you have an immune condition or another health problem that affects healing, or if you take medications that suppress the immune system.)
  • You don't smoke.
  • You need to replace permanent teeth.

During the examination, your periodontist will take a look at nerve placement and the bone depth in your jawbone. If the jawbone isn't deep enough to support an implant, a bone graft to build up the bone may be needed before implant surgery can take place. In some cases, it may be possible to reposition a nerve that could interfere with the placement of your implant.

Your oral surgery appointment

Before dental implant surgery begins, you'll receive a local anesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain. During the minor oral surgical procedure, your periodontist places small posts in your jawbone to replace your missing tooth roots. The posts, called implants, are made of titanium, a lightweight metal that bonds to your bones. After the implants are in place, your periodontist will close the gum tissue around them. A temporary crown or bridge will cover the gap in your smile.

Creating your new teeth

During the next three to six months, your dental implant will slowly bond to your jawbone. Bonding time varies, but the process may take a little longer if the implant is in the upper jaw than in the lower jaw. Bonding ensures that your implants are securely rooted to your jawbone and won't budge no matter what types of foods you eat.

Once bonding is complete, screw-like connectors called abutments will be added to the tops of your dental implants and an impression of your mouth will be made. Dental laboratory technicians use the impression as a model when they create your crowns. Crowns are restorations that replace the visible parts of your missing teeth.

In a few weeks, you'll return to the Pasadena dental office to receive your permanent crowns. Once the crowns are attached to the dental implants with the abutments, you'll be able to immediately use your new teeth. (In some cases, you may receive crowns immediately after your dental implant surgery.)

Restore your smile with dental implant surgery! Call your periodontist in Pasadena, CA, Dr. Peter Cooper, at (626) 796-1241 to schedule your appointment.

By Pasadena Dental Implants Peter G. Cooper, DDS
October 13, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Do you miss the smile you once had? Would you love to get it back? Then dental implants may be for you. Dental implants are an effective and popular way to replace your missing teeth to help you get the smile that you deserve. They are made up of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. Dental implants are made to look and feel completely natural. Dr. Peter Cooper believes that patients deserve a smile they are comfortable with, and dental implants may be a great option for you.

The Dental Implant Proceduresideview of a dental implant

Dental implants are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw. Here they function as a sturdy anchor for replacement teeth. After the implants are put into place, the bone around the implant heals. The implant stays strong by the bone holding it into place. This process allows the implants to never slip or make embarrassing noises like dentures. Some patients may need to wait until the implant is completely unified, which can take several months. Other patients can have the implants and replacement teeth placed in one visit.

Dental Implant Options for You:

  1. All-On-Four Implants: Patients who need to replace a full upper and/or lower set of teeth. Four implants are placed and attached for a full arch of teeth.
  2. Multiple Implants: For patients who are missing more than one tooth, but still have health gums and surrounding teeth. Two fixtures are implanted and the crown is attached. The natural teeth stay intact.
  3. Single Implant: If a single tooth has been lost, it can be replaced with a dental implant. The new tooth will look and function like your natural teeth.

Don’t Wait: Acquire That New Smile

If you feel you are a candidate for a new smile through dental implants, discuss it carefully with Dr. Cooper. Dental implants have an overall success rate of about 95% when properly taken care of. Some patients may see an improvement in their overall health and may be able to eat hard foods again like nuts and certain fruits.
Choosing to change your lifestyle through dental surgery is a big decision to make. Contact our Pasadena office today to discuss dental implants with Dr. Cooper and to see if implants are a perfect opportunity for you.

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