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August 18, 2021
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Stop the Pain: What to Do for Dental Emergencies

An unbearable toothache is enough to keep you up all night. And a knocked-out tooth will need professional dental care right away in order to preserve the tooth. From minor injuries to serious emergencies, when dental problems arise, it’s important to understand how to care for your injuries until you can get to your dentist in Pasadena, CA

How to Stop Agonizing Tooth Pain

Oftentimes, a toothache is a warning sign of some other underlying dental problem, such as an infected tooth. When severe, a toothache can keep you from enjoying normal activities and even keep you up through the night. You will want to make an appointment with your dentist in Pasadena right away to get to the bottom of the pain, especially if it lasts for more than a few days. A dentist can detect any problems and administer the appropriate treatment to ease the pain and prevent any additional damage. 
You can also help ease your tooth pain before you can get to your Pasadena dentist by:
  • Applying a cold compress to the side of your cheek
  • Elevating your head to reduce the pressure on the affected tooth
  • Rinsing with a mixture of salt and water to remove and food particles or debris that may be irritating your toothache. 
  • Avoiding foods that intensify the pain, such as foods with extreme temperature or foods that are hard to chew

Preserving a Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out, try to stay calm. You will need to act quickly in order to save the tooth and have it successfully re-implanted by your Pasadena dentist. First, gently rinse the tooth with water, being very careful not to remove any of the attached tissue. Carefully try to place the tooth back into the socket, as this is one of the best ways to preserve the tooth before you can get to your dentist. If this isn’t possible, gently place the tooth into a small cup of milk and take it with you to the dentist immediately.
Generally, getting to the dentist within one hour of having it knocked out will be its best chance of recovery. If successful re-insertion of the tooth isn’t possible, don’t worry. Advances in modern dentistry have made it possible for dentists to offer advanced restoration procedures, such as dental implants. 

Preventing Injuries to the Teeth and Mouth

It’s not surprising that the majority of dental injuries occur during sports-related activities. All it takes is an elbow to the face during a soccer game to knock out a tooth or cut your lip. What is surprising is that many athletes fail to wear the appropriate mouth protectors during these vigorous events.  A mouthguard is the best way to protect the mouth and teeth. This simple appliance can go a long way to prevent serious dental problems- an investment that’s well worth it. 
You can also avoid unnecessary dental emergencies and pain by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist in Pasadena for regular checkups. This is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, and your Pasadena dentist can detect problems in their earliest stages to make recommendations for treatments and prevention. 
Just as a broken bone or a sore throat requires medical attention from a doctor, an injury to the teeth or mouth needs to be examined and treated by your dentist as well. Don’t put off dental injuries until it’s too late. 
When you hear the term “oral surgery,” it might not give you many good thoughts.  However, by understand oral surgery in Pasadena, you can better understand the importance of various dental procedures.  Some oral surgery procedures offered in Pasadena by Dr. Peter Cooper oral surgeryinclude:
  • Teeth extractions
  • Excess bone reduction
  • Smile enhancement
Oral surgery is available for Pasadena residents so that you can enjoy an improved appearance of your smile.  Dr. Cooper will work with you to determine the best treatment available so that you can continue to smile with confidence. In Pasadena, oral surgery options from Dr. Peter Cooper all you to improve your smile’s appearance, whether it is dramatic or a simple procedure.  Oral surgery is available to improve your self esteem about your teeth and your smile, while improving your oral health.
Contact our office to learn more about available oral surgery treatment options.  As your periodontist in Pasadena, Dr. Peter Cooper will work with you to create a smile you will want to show off.

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