Presentation Code: 1E1, Presentation Name: Pocket Formation with Calculus Movie

Presentation Code: 1H2, Presentation Name: Periodontal Disease Causing Heart Damage

Presentation Code: 5B2, Presentation Name: Ball Attachment with 2 Implants Movie

Presentation Code: 2B2, Presentation Name: Upper Molar Extraction Root Tip Normal Movie

Presentation Code: 7C1, Presentation Name: Bridges vs Implant Options Movie

Presentation Code: 3A8, Presentation Name: Cytoplast Mem and Ridge Preservation - for Implant - Movie

Presentation Code: 7A3, Presentation Name: Loss of First Lower Molar Drifting Movie

Presentation Code: 3C1, Presentation Name: Maxillary Posterior Bone Condensation - Movie

Presentation Code: 1E3, Presentation Name: Scaling (Side View) Tissues Back to Health Movie

Presentation Code: 3A7, Presentation Name: Single Tooth Grafting - Ridge Preservation - Movie

Pocket Formation with Calculus

Perio Disease/Heart Disease


Ball Attachment with 2 Implants


Sinus Atrophy After Extraction


Implant vs. Bridge


Cytoplast Membrane and Ridge Preservation


First Lower Moar Missing Tooth


Maxillary Post Bone Condensation


Scaling (side view) Tissues Back to Health


Single Tooth Grafting Ridge Preservation

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