Signs It's Time To Consider Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is sometimes required to improve your health and appearance. This article outlines a few of the situations in which oral surgery is essential.

Learning that you need surgery doesn't usually evoke excitement, but patients generally feel a sense of relief after the procedure is Dental Implantsdone, knowing that their problem has been corrected. This is especially true for oral surgery, which Dr. Peter Cooper performs every day. These surgeries are typically brief, performed in one or two sessions, and most people find that they experience only minor discomfort afterward and very little downtime. In fact, the main purpose of oral surgery is to alleviate debilitating pain caused by infection or injury to the teeth or jaws.


Tooth extractions are a common surgical procedure performed at your Los Angeles county dentist's office. Sometimes teeth are pulled if the patient's mouth is overcrowded and space needs to be made for straightening purposes. If decay has progressed to the point where a tooth is too weak for restorations such a filling or root canal, it may need to be removed. The area around the tooth is fully numbed and Dr. Cooper will use specialized tools to dislodge the tooth. Dissolvable stitches are then used to promote healing of the removal site.


After an extraction, it is often recommended that an implant is placed in the empty space to restore stability. This is another type of dental surgery that is often performed at your Pasadena dentist's office. The implant's post replaces the tooth's root; it is made of a strong metal that seamlessly integrates into your jawbone. Because there is no open wound in this particular procedure, the healing time is usually quicker than that of an extraction.

Periodontal disease

Sometimes gum disease, also called periodontitis, also warrants a surgical treatment to halt the process of tissue deterioration and prevent tooth or bone loss. Although the first line of defense is non-surgical treatment, routine surgery is a common recourse for advanced periodontal disease. This may involve placing tissue from another area in the mouth over the receding gumline, or a deep-cleaning procedure to remove the pockets of inflammation.

There are other conditions that may require oral surgery as well. Dr. Peter Cooper would be glad to give you a thorough evaluation and plan a course of treatment with your comfort and health in mind.

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